Isildur1, the Swedish professional poker player, was defeated by Isaac Haxton, popularly known as philivey2694, who was the last man standing at a special showdown tournament—the 4-table $50/$100 Heads Up No Limit Hold’em. The winner played a total of 2,500 hands and collected a cool prize of $41.7k.
The Heads Up No Limit Hold’em Showdown had a buy-in of $10,000. Both Isildur1 and Isaac Haxton had a bankroll of $150k each and both decided to play till they had either exhausted their bankrolls or played a total of 2,500 hands. A larger number of poker fans had logged on to watch the outcomes of this highly-anticipated high-stakes poker event.
Contrary to its results, the game was very much in Isildur1’s favor when it began. After the first quarter hour, Isildur1 had $9k more in his bankroll and looked as if he would last. Haxton had to re-buy, but he stuck on for most of the match. At the end of 1,500 hands, everybody was sure that Isildur1 would win because he had over $31k more in his bankroll.
However, fortune started smiling on Haxton all of a sudden and he won some huge wads of cash thanks to certain kickers. When 1,850 hands had been played, Isildur1 no longer had the largest chip stack, and the game saw a sudden turn of events when Haxton used a 9c kicker and a pair of Kings to win a pot as huge as $20k and beat Isiludur1.
When the final hand was being played, there was a considerable sum of $40,000 in the pot. During the flop, Isildur1, who had a Jh 9c, bet $1,500; and Haxton, who had a Kh 9h called. During the turn, which came with a 2h, Isildur1 bet once again and Haxton called. During the river, both players had 2-pair and Isiludur bet all-in for $15,932. Haxton called again and won the monster pot since he had better kickers.
The mysterious Isildur1 became a member of Team PokerStars just last week. Simultaneously, PokerStars launched its SuperStar Showdown, a no limit Texas Hold’em heads up tournament between Isildur1 and any player. Poker enthusiasts had been waiting with bated breath for the recently concluded match between Isaac “philivey2694” Haxton and Isiludur1. Although the winner Haxton had missed prestigious world poker titles twice, he is considered to be a very talented player. Details about the next SuperStar Showdown are yet to be known

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