So it seems that Microsoft is going to cash in on the poker market…or is that just a bluff? Not according to the latest viral rumor that is hitting the Internet. Microsoft has plans to launch a beta testing of an XBOX 360 interactive game called Full House Poker.  Rumor has it that Microsoft wants to launch another episodic program, after canceling 1 vs 100, a massively multiplayer online Xbox Live adaptation of the trivia game show of the same name. There were two versions of the game, referred to as 1 vs. 100 Live and 1 vs. 100 Extended Play.  On July 25th, 2010, Microsoft confirmed that neither of these games would not return for a third season. With all the latest rumors, it could be that Full House Poker will be Microsoft’s next episodic, interactive, multiplayer online Xbox release.
What is known so far is that “confidential” invitations have appeared all over the web, particularly on gaming sites, that appear to invite players to a copy of what appears to be a beta test of “Full House Poker”. The Microsoft Game Studios invitation describes the project as a live, episodic game show that allows users to play poker as their Xbox Live avatars and “compete with thousands of players around the world.” In these invitations, reportedly sent by Microsoft Game Studios, selected players are being invited to participate in live poker games via the Xbox where “you’ll be able to bring your personality to the table with unique tells and avatar accessories”.
Full House Poker, according to these invitations, is described as a way to “bet your way to fame as you compete against your friends and thousands of other players around the world in live Texas Heat poker game shows.”   The concept seems to be the latest attempt to followup 1 vs. 100, only this time, the gameshow is all about poker, allowing players to earn XP (experience points) and other rewards by playing poker in “regularly scheduled episodes.”
Full House Poker will eventually be run on the Xbox Live Primetime platform called “Texas Heat” where players can compete against each other for “big rewards like massive XP and chips for your bankroll.”
Although the details are still sketchy, it is definitely going to be a “for fun” format…Microsoft simply can not possibly be promoting online gambling, right? In addition, the fan base, or participant base will probably be casual poker fans and Xbox gamers, so the type of play will probably be very elementary. Already there appears to be a discussion about the fact that the algorithms will be “action-rigged”, rewarding the Xbox gamers with fantastic amounts of XP (experience points) for daring all –in moves.
We’ll just have to wait and see…

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