US online poker players at Full Tilt Poker are now ruing the day that they signed up at this site and made a deposit. There has been a cloud of doom and gloom hanging over the Full Tilt Poker website ever since Black Friday and it seems that the problems for Full Tilt Poker members are never ending. Beginning with the sudden loss of access to the Full Tilt Poker site and its online poker games and tournaments to the inability to get out their funds from their online poker player accounts, it looks like US poker players are in for bum rap.

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The US poker players at PokerStars do not seem to be having the same problem as this poker site is slowly paying out its players. This means we cannot blame the US Federal authorities or even Black Friday for Full Tilt Poker’s inability to pay its players. Logically, Full Tilt Poker should have had the money to pay its players; after all it is the poker player’s money that they have deposited into their accounts – not government money or even Full Tilt Poker money. If Full Tilt Poker ran a “legitimate” and properly managed their player’s funds – it should have been able to return it – just like PokerStars is doing.

So the questions remain.

Why can’t Full Tilt Poker pay its players the cash?

Why is Full Tilt Poker taking such along time to pay its players?

Why is Full Tilt Poker not giving a proper response to its loyal players about when they can expect their funds back?

It all seems to be a very dodgy sort of business going on at Full Tilt Poker – where they seems to have misplaced the funds or have been using US player money for other means. Many US poker players are very angry with the site because of its behavior, lack of response and the way it has completely turned its back on its US players.

What’s more, it would seem that Full Tilt Poker has a lot of tricks up its sleeve. For instance, the Full Tilt Poker site somehow managed to get its hearing at the Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) pushed all the way to Septemeber. And, now that September is drawing near, one cannot help but wonder if the AGCC will allow for yet another postponement.

Simultaneously, the KGC has renewed the license of this site. That’s like renewing the license of a plastic surgeon accused of malpractice who has had his clinic seized by the FBI, his bank accounts closed and while being unable to refund his patients!

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