While the US poker market struggles to resurface and sort out its legal problems, some studies are showing that Canada may be in fact the bigger online poker market. According to a news report, a study conducted by the University of Hamburg and the University of Nevada shows that nearly 2.54 percent of all residents in the Northwest Canadian territories are online poker players. the study also indicated that a total of 0.68 percent of the people in the Nova Scotia region of Canada were online poker players and that 0.83 percent of those residents in Ontario were online poker players.
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According to Jeremy Taylor, a spokesperson from G Poker who commented on the study, “This study shows just how into online poker Canadians are, even compared to the massive American market. Traffic reports show that Canadians haven’t stopped playing online poker – it’s where they play that’s changed. Since Black Friday, players are rapidly moving towards sites run by publicly traded companies, such as 888, bwin.party and Playtech.”
The study reported that these numbers showed that Canadians were inclined to play online poker twice as often as much as American poker players were likely to do so. These numbers were taken after the Black Friday incident and it may have been highly likely that the events of the DOJ shutting down online poker sites and players not being able to take out their money has soured the temperament of the average American poker player towards US online gaming. Another significant finding of the study, was that players were more inclined to trust non – Black Friday sites.
“888 Poker has long held a prominent place in the Canadian online poker market, and became even more popular after Black Friday. The fact that 888 closed its doors to U.S. players and maintained a good reputation with the federal government puts 888 first in line for American legalization,” said Taylor.
The US Poker market has a strong and significant one and while the poker sites like PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and Party Poker were active in the US, they all enjoyed prime status, excellent media coverage and heavy player traffic. The poker professionals who signed up with the sites eventually made big money and big names for themselves in the industry. These US online poker sites were also responsible for getting online poker players to the WSOP and helping them win millions of dollars.

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