There have been many reports about a possible legalization of online poker in California and it had been reported that both California and t5he state of Nevada may have been planning ion going into a sort of interstate partnership regarding online gambling. However, now it would seem that California may not be working with Nevada and will have to take its own online poker bill to the floor by itself.
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New Jersey is getting extremely close to legalizing online poker and all online casinos operating from Atlantic City and now it looks like California is soon to follow suit. Nevada is also making progress to get an online bill regulating and legalizing online poker out and actioned but it is still in the works, and will only got to the floor when all the kinks have been ironed out.
California is one of the most important gambling states in the US and has 37.7 million people, which would make an intrastate gambling partnership between in Nevada, home to Las Vegas a great deal. However, according to a spokesperson involved in the online poker and gambling legalization in the state, this partnership with Nevada is not likely to happen. “We’re not going to partner with Nevada, not today. Nobody from Nevada has approached us, and we haven’t approached them,” he said.
Another factor, that may be holding back California from attempting to make a deal with Nevada, is the desire to keep the online poker revenue in the state. Andrew Governar, who is part of the California Online Poker Association, expressed such a sentiment saying, “”Right now millions of Californians are playing online poker and every dollar goes off-shore. We want to make sure that money stays in California.”
Nevada on other hand may be only to happy to pair with California and may require some assistance to get player traffic; however, like all other states, the focus now is just to get its online poker bill legalized. It is currently host to over 4 million visitors per month but only has 2.7 million residents. According to the chairman of the Nevada Gaming Commission, Peter Bernhard, the state may need these partnerships to profit. “Let’s see if [the industry] works in a less liquid environment,” he said.
Sadly, a partnership will favour Nevada more than California, and the sunshine state just does not want to share.

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