A new online poker site called GreySnow Poker has been launched by the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma to replace their controversial site PokerTribe.com. The PokerTribe.com website has been plagued with multiple delays and lawsuits due to ties with convicted telemarketing fraudster Fereidoun “Fred” Khalilian.
The “business” between the Native American tribe of Iowa in Oklahoma and Fred Khalilian goes way back to when other native tribes were still in business with Khalilian for a domain name that was very similar to the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma.
PokerTribes.Com Started The Controversy
This all started with Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes of Oklahoma, two tribes who invested over $9.4 million into the development of an online gambling site called PokerTribes.com. The deal was made with Fred Khalilian, founder of the Universal Entertainment Group (UEG), who promised to develop PokerTribes as a site that offers real-money gaming to the rest of the world.
The deal fell through when the two tribes realized that their US real-money poker plans were not seeing the light of day and they went on to sue UEG for the $9.4 million plus damages. The lawsuit was opposed by Khalilian who claimed that the tribes were demanding their money back because they just wanted out. The case was dismissed in favor of Khalilian.
UEG Sets Up PokerTribe.com
After UEG let go of the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes of Oklahoma, they went on to work with yet another Oklahoma tribe for a new online gambling project. This time, UEG hooked up with the Iowa tribe in Oklahoma to establish a new online poker website with a familiar-sounding name PokerTribe.com. The goal was the same: to bring the tribe’s online gambling operations to the international jurisdictions including Malta, England, the Isle of Man, and Germany.
The Iowa tribe received a gaming license from the Isle of Man which is a haven to most off-shore companies. The tribe also received the green light from Oklahoma state legislators to go ahead with the launch of the online gambling site. By 2016, while the play-money features of the site were up and running, the real-money feature that was promised got pushed back again and again due to “higher gaming legal and regulatory standards” that the tribe had to meet.
In October 2017, hopes were up again when Monster Inc. announced that it was acquiring UEG’s assets. By that time, they promised to release PokerTribe’s real-money gaming approval by December 2017. But the date came and went and there was no update.
The latest news is that PokerTribe.com will no longer be in play and has been put to rest.
Enter GreySnow Poker
In place of the now-defunct PokerTribe site comes GreySnow Poker, a new online poker site also headed by the Iowa tribe of Oklahoma.
Linking the new site to the Iowa tribe was no brainer. In the tribe’s native language, their tribe name is called Baxoje (Bah Kho-je), or People of the Grey Snow.
The new poker site is also licensed and regulated by the Isle of Man, and prohibits access to those who live outside of the authorized jurisdictions for online gaming. Currently, it is under a public beta-testing phase and their software is already up for download.
There are many mysteries surrounding the new website, including the lack of marketing and visibility on an international scale. Another question that has been raised includes the proprietor of the software that it uses, and whether it’s still Monster Inc. that’s behind it.
GreySnow chose not to disclose the software powering the site, but an inquiry made to the Isle of Man revealed that they are indeed using a third-party provider.
In a statement, Isle of Man’s gaming regulators said, “Unfortunately we cannot disclose third-party agreements of our licensed operators. However, if you contact the license holder directly, they may be happy to give you this information. We can however confirm that the software has been tested to a sufficient standard.”
This is in directly against what GreySnow claims that they are using their own internal software in powering their games. So, who really is telling the truth?
What we do know is that Ioway Internet Gaming Enterprise Limited holds the license for GreySnow Poker from the Isle of Man, and many believe that the change in domain name could be one of the conditions that the Isle of Man for the license.

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