Integer Poker, a skin on the Equity Poker Network (EPN), now belongs to Full Flush Poker, which is also on the same network. As a result, Integer Poker no longer exists. It has been merged with Full Flush Poker and its players are now members of Full Flush Poker.

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Although Full Flush Poker recently withdrew its real money online poker services from regulated US markets, its primary focus is still on US players. The acquisition is good for the online poker room as Integer Poker mainly focused on European poker players, who now form part of the player base at Full Flush Poker. Since Integer Poker was on EPN, its players won’t see any difference in terms of player traffic. However, Full Flush Poker can boast of better tournaments and promotions, so Integer Poker players will be greatly benefited.

According to a spokesperson for Full Flush Poker, the two brands had an “obvious synergy that has made the decision to take Integer Poker’s players on board a ‘no-brainer.” He further stated that the move fits in perfectly with the online poker room’s aim to establish itself “as a global online poker room” in non-US markets. He also expressed FPP’s excitement to offer the player base at Integer Poker the ultimate poker gaming experience and “welcome them to the family.”

The EPN was launched as a “co-operative” in November 2013, in order to help online poker rooms and not profit from them. According to the EPN’s policy, any skin that first gets a player can profit from him/her for its lifetime even if the player migrates to another skin on the same network. This policy prevents online poker rooms on EPN from poaching players. Simultaneously, each skin can run their own tournaments and promotions and design their own loyalty schemes to promote themselves. However, they have to ensure that their player rewards do not exceed over 50 percent rakeback.

EPN has been criticized for its policy of favoring recreational players. Since casual players stake a lot and lose most of it, they contribute a great deal to the revenue of an online poker room. For this reason, EPN urges its skin to attract as many recreational players as possible. The EPN has also imposed a “shark tax” on skins that have more winners than losers. In April, players were furious when the Poker Host, a skin on the EPN network, shut down the accounts of certain players for aggressive play.