High stakes poker pro and Instagram king Dan Bilzerian recently announced that he had yet again accepted a prop bet from fellow high stakes poker pro and hedge fund consultant Bill Perkins to row across the Atlantic Ocean solo for $5 million. Earlier this year the two had entered into a $1.2 million bet where Bilzerian had to drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas on a bicycle within 48 hours. Bilzerian accepted and won that bet after being trained and mentored by Lance Armstrong.

Bilzerian stated that one of the reasons why he accepted the bet was because he wanted to recover some of his high stake poker losses this year. The bet is a difficult proposition but Bilzerian who has more than 18 million followers on Instagram says that it will not be the most difficult thing he has done in his life till date.

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There have been more people who have gone to space than those who have successfully crossed the Atlantic Ocean according to Bilzerian. It is a daunting feat and some stated that the task is similar to climbing Mount Everest – a lot of people attempt it but very few succeed in completing it. A 70 year old doctor from Norway attempted the feat earlier this year and spent 84 days at sea trying the cross but in the end had to be rescued after he was caught in the middle of a storm.

Bilzerian is just 35 years old and spends a significant amount of to employ three chefs so that he can eat healthy and stay fit. What makes the bet even more interesting is Bilzerian’s lifestyle revolves around scantily clad women, throwing lavish parties and being surrounded by a lot of people. Traveling solo in the Atlantic will definitely cramp that lifestyle and pose as much as a challenge as the weather and waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

Should Bilzerian go ahead with the bet, there will most likely be a media crew following him during his journey and keeping him company. So far there has been no information as to when Bilzerian will attempt this bet but chances are that it could be before the end of 2016. Bilzerian has had a poor run at the poker tables in 2016 as in the past he used to lay down millions but has now dropped down considerably and participates in only $100,000 buy-ins and above.

TightPoker Staff

TightPoker Staff