InstaDeal has developed its own version of “Rush Poker” and is rolling it out for both mobile and online poker. It has decided to go ahead with the rollout after its consultations with legal experts lead it to conclude that Rush Poker does not meet the requisite criteria to qualify for a patent.

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Full Tilt Poker, whose operations are currently suspended, developed Rush Poker and has applied for patents for the high speed poker version in many markets worldwide including the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe. FTP has sworn to protect its software creation and has promised to take stringent action against any infringement.

InstaDeal’s chairman and vice president sales, Per Hildebrand explained the reasoning behind their decision to move ahead with their product. He said that the expert opinion of his attorneys on the possibility of Rush Poker getting a patent was “fairly negative, even from the start, as FTP only met one of the three criteria required to be granted a patent.” That gave InstaDeal the confidence to push forward with InstaDeal.

He indicated that the buzz in the industry was that the biggest operator, PokerStars, might be in an advanced stage of unveiling their own version of a similar product.

In early 2010 FTP released Rush Poker and the game quickly became popular amongst certain sections of the player population. Some seasoned professional players however had reservations about Rush Poker. One of their main grouses was that if they spotted a poor player – a “fish” in player parlance – it would take them quite some time before they got a chance to play at the same table as the fish.

The recent deal between the Groupe Bernard Tapie and the U.S. Department of Justice involves FTP forfeiting the company to the DoJ who in turn will sell the company’s assets to GBT. One of these assets is believed to be the Rush Poker software.

Hildebrand says that InstaDeal is designed for the casual player. The high speed game will make them less willing to play weak starting hands and also shield them from pros with the constant changing of tables. He said that high speed playing was ideal for mobile poker and the explosion in the use of smart phones could convince other companies to launch similar products soon.

He said the original plan for InstaDeal had been to target terminals after establishing the product through online websites. Now that the mobile poker market has come up as a sizeable alternate market, InstaDeal’s next target would be online operators and the regulated markets in the terminal format.

Reviews for InstaDeal have been generally favourable and the company’s website says that players can access the game from their iPhone, iPad or Androids. The site promises play up to 5 times faster than regular poker.

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