The iNinja Poker Tour is one of the smaller and lesser known poker tours in the mid-west. The iNinja Minnesota based company made news in the poker community in August this year after a number of its sponsored pros took to social media to accuse Issac Tucker, the company’s founder of a number of incidents that were not professional at all.

Some of the allegations against Tucker included failing to pay contractors and employees on time, using company funds for different purposes, finding it difficult to make good on prizes to players who won events organized by the iNinja tour and failing to honor a deal made with one of its sponsored players Kou Vang who was promised partial ownership of the company based on a $40,000 investment he made in April 2017.

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The allegations on social media where made by Kou Vang, Vlad Revniaga and Aaron Johnson who were all sponsored by the iNinja Poker Tour. The allegations has forced Tucker to release a formal statement to address the issue and to also take steps to restructure the company and its management.

In a statement, Tucker said “I would like to start off by apologizing to the community for the way this situation was handled, but more importantly for my mismanagement in operating iNinja Poker. I simply overextended myself with expenses from the very beginning. I’ve made good on my loans since I attained them, although a little later than expected which happens in life sometimes.”

Tucker appears to have worked out his differences with the three ex-sponsored pros. Vang who served as the general manager of the company has now stepped away from daily operations but has received partial ownership of the company as promised. Johnson also confirmed that Tucker had now paid back all of the money he owed to iNinja Poker players and the only Vang has money owed as of now.

The three poker pros stated that while they were happy their grievances was addressed by Tucker they stood by their social media comments and highlighted the fact that they were careful to portray the exact picture of what happened without trivializing or hyperbolizing the entire incident.

The iNinja Poker Tour focuses on holding low stake poker events for players in the Midwest and has had good success in the past hosting $250 and $400 buy-in events. The company also hosted a 1,140-entry iNinja World Championship at Planet Hollywood in July 2016.

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