started a new initiative in July 2020 with an aim to shine a spotlight on the importance of poker players taking their mental health more seriously. Poker Boot Camp India teamed up with to come out with the Mental Health at the Felts campaign.
When India started dealing with the initial outbreak of COVID-19, this campaign was launched to help poker players deal with the lockdown. Fast forward to today and we are still caught up in the same situation: the pandemic continues to pose a threat to our everyday lives. PokerBaazi intends to proceed with its mission to help people overcome various mental health issues, especially with the current crisis we are in.
The online poker platform is running a follow up mental health initiative called “Mindfulness Series” this time in partnership with Poker Life India.
Mental Health Tips from Renowned Mindset Coaches
The Mindfulness Series features in-depth conversation between renowned international mental health coaches, such as Karim Chelli of Karim Chelli Mentoring, and Adam Carmichael, the founder of Winners Edge Poker. The series involves four episodes, released every Monday, with the sessions hosted by Raj Shrestha Juneja, the founder of Poker Life India.
Each week, a special guest joins Juneja in discussing the importance of good mental health and mindfulness as we deal with the pandemic, and the crucial role that they play in achieving poker success.
The COVID-19 pandemic has now become synonymous to home quarantines, restricted travel, and limited movement. A lot of people find it hard to adjust to this type of set up, not to mention having to deal with the many other negative impacts of the pandemic, including unemployment, severe illness, and the loss of a loved one.
All of these result in increased levels of anxiety, stress, and depression. Poker players are not immune to facing similar mental health issues. It is during these difficult times that mindfulness becomes all the more important.
Promoting Mindfulness in Poker
Mindfulness is the knack of being able to to focus your awareness on the present. It enables a person to calmly acknowledge his or her feelings and thoughts without judgment. As a result, people learn to stretch their patience; they become more productive, and their decision-making also improves. These skills are important in dealing with anxiety and stress, and they are also needed in the game of poker.
As a poker player, you need to have great focus, mental stimulation, and proper control over your mind and emotions to achieve a winning mindset.
When you learn how to be more mindful about your thoughts and feelings and everything that’s happening around you, you begin to recognize challenges as opportunities. You’ll start to embrace positivity, accept things as they are avoid dwelling on things that are beyond your control. This is what PokerBaazi and Poker Life India want to impart to players, with the help of prominent and respected mental health coaches.
Follow PokerBaazi and Poker Life India’s social media channels to learn more about the series. The first episode is already available on PokerBaazi’s Facebook page as well as Poker Life India’s YouTube channel. The first video tackles the key elements of mindset and how to play poker with perspective.
Continue watching the subsequent episodes for a chance to win a personal coaching session with Adam Carmichael via an Instagram contest conducted by PokerBaazi. The Winners Edge Poker founder has already worked with several international poker pros before. You may check out his website to know more about his work.
PokerBaazi’s Brand Manager and Creative Lead Shashwat Mishra said mental health and fortitude plays a vital role in the game of poker as it is essentially mind sport. PokerBaazi has always been committed to promote that, through different initiatives and programs. Mishra hopes that their latest partnership with Poker Life India will help Indian poker players, aspiring and professional alike, to achieve mindfulness and excellence.

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