This week’s $300K Guaranteed saw Party Poker fork out a $16,600 overlay to complete the $300,000 prize pool, as 1417 players joined with a $200 + 15 buy-in or through one of the many satellites for the big Sunday tourney.After 8 and a half hours of play, IDOnkOutU and makido111 struck a deal that made them each over $40,000 and probably spared them an hour or two of tension at the tables. Considering how close their chip stacks were, it was a sound decision to make the chop instead of risking a $15,000 downswing.

These are the top ten players and their paydays:

1.  IDonkOutYou, $48,000
2.  makido111, $45,000
3.  FILEN99, $20,700
4.  ErinAAA, $16,350
5.  GD7Belthazor, $13,800
6.  Justcardcore, $10,350
7.  High11th, $7,950
8.  Kuparinen, $5,250
9.  Thanx4thedoe, $4,050
10.  Cazzie222, $2,850

We apologize for not featuring the “Second Guesses” detailed final table analysis this week; it will resume as usual next Monday.

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