A poker player has been banned from Hustler Casino Live and the casino establishment following allegations of cheating during Wednesday night’s livestream. The player, identified as Julio “Skillsrocks” Cedillo, allegedly peeked over at his opponent’s cards on several occasions while the game was ongoing.
Cedillo took part in a $10/$20/$40 No-Limit Hold’em game with two other players, including the alleged victim of Cedillo’s unethical play, Barry Wallace, who is a regular at the casino. Wallace was seated on Cedillo’s direct left and many viewers noticed that Cedillo looked over Wallace’s cards multiple times, including one hand where the alleged cheat made a very unusual play and apparently attempted to collude with the other player at the table, Solfo Antonio.
A video compilation showing Cedillo’s dirty play during the livestreamed cash game has gone viral on YouTube. The unscrupulous behavior came to the attention of the casino’s management which promptly acted on the controversy by imposing a lifetime ban on Cedillo.

Suspicious Fold

Cedillo’s dirty trick became obvious during a three-way pot where he made a suspicious fold despite having a very strong hand.
The hand kicked off with Antonio raising to $1,200 with As4c on the button. Cedillo called from the small blind with 9c7c. Holding 10s8d, Wallace made the call from the big blind. The flop came Ac7d9h and when the blinds checked to Antonio, he bet out $1,000. Both of his opponents called.
The 6c turn gave Wallace the nut straight and Cedillo then kicked Antonio under the table, attempting to involve him in his unethical play. But Antonio seemed to be clueless about what’s going on. He continued to bet out and asked Cedillo why he kicked his foot.
The under-the-table footplay happened twice and Antonio was confused as to why Cedillo did it. The alleged cheater denied that he kicked Antonio, saying he was just moving his foot.
Cedillo was holding two pair and any skilled player in that situation would not fold given that he had a strong chance to win the pot with better than 3:1 odds. When he made the fold on the turn, the commentators were surprised, leading to suspicions Julio might have known that Wallace had the stone-cold nuts.
Antonio ultimately moved all of his remaining chips in the middle with top pair. Barry snap-called and won the pot amounting to $19,440.
Viewers noted it wasn’t the only time that Cedillo stole a look at Wallace’s cards. There were several instances when Cedillo would successfully pull off strong bluffs against Wallace especially when he was holding marginal hands. For those who have yet to watch the video, you may check out the time stamps 4:14:14, 4:15:56, and 4:18:00 and see for yourself.

Banned for Life

Less than 24 hours after the game in question, Hustler Casino announced that it’s banning Cedillo for good. In a joint statement released on Twitter, the casino’s owners Nick Vertucci and Ryan Feldman said they wanted to do the right thing and would give zero tolerance to highly unethical behavior like that of Cedillo’s.
The statement also revealed that Cedillo did admit to seeing Wallace’s cards a few times but shifted the blame to his opponent, saying he should be responsible enough in protecting his cards. Cedillo also maintained that he wasn’t violating the rules, though he acknowledged that looking over at other players’ cards is unethical.
Vertucci and Feldman said that Cedillo accepted their decision to ban him from entering the establishment. The statement went on to say that the incident would serve as a lesson to those planning to employ dirty tricks while playing at the casino.

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