For those players eager to win at the World Series of Poker and other upcoming poker tournaments, a study of the skills and poker strategy employed by Sam Trickett at the Big Game – a poker tournament held in Macau – may come in good stead.
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Sam Trickett is a young and enterprising poker professional who walked away with a whopping poker prize of $2.3 million when he participated and won the Big Game poker event in Macau. However, soon after this, on his next visit to the region Sam Trickett did not do very well.
Trickett is a poker player who knows the highs and lows of the games and has dealt with big wins and some losses. At the Big Game poker event in Macau, Trickett won the main event with its poker prize of HKD $16 million; this is the equivalent of around 2 million USD.
Trickett explained how he had won the game and what he faced at the poker table when he made his biggest win. According to the poker player, he was going up against some strong and aggressive styled poke players. Towards the end of the game, Trickett had to face off 2 poker players with very aggressive poker styles and he was playing 3 handed. At that time the blinds were $1,300 and the big one was $2,600.
Trickett bet the button on 3 and faced a call from both big and small hands; he had a hand of JD, 10 D. the Flop pulled out a 3, 4 and 5 in 2 diamonds and all players checked, while Trickett called and checked.
Trickett described how he felt at this stage of the game and checked once more. “I’m obviously now feeling pretty confident my hand is good.”
“Sometimes I could just call here but because the way the hand had been played out and I knew the other 2 players in the pot were capable of calling light and they were also aware that I could bluff in this spot as everyone checked the turn. So I moved all-in for around HK$7.7m and the BB instantly showed his expression and was not happy. Made me feel great obviously and after a long tank he called the extra $5m,” he explained.
At this point, both hands folded and left Trickett as the winner.

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