Full Tilt Poker has been the center of continuous high-stakes action throughout June. High-stakes NL Texas Hold’em games have been especially popular, featuring numerous jackpots worth around $500k. Such high-stakes poker action was quite common at Full Tilt Poker before the events of Black Friday, the day on which the US federal government cracked down on major online poker rooms and forced them to leave the US online poker market. Now Full Tilt Poker high-stakes games have finally regained their popularity.

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This June has seen twenty-five of the largest NL Hold’em jackpots of 2013, with several high-stakes poker players playing at the six-max $400/$800 NL Hold’em tables. The biggest NLH jackpot of $498,028 was won by “Denoking,” an unknown online poker player. “Denoking,” who had pocket aces against his/her opponent’s Ace and King on the preflop, was lucky to get a King on the flop. However, this wasn’t the largest jackpot won at Full Tilt Poker’s high-stakes tables this year.

In February, an unknown online poker player called “patpatpanda” won a PL Omaha jackpot worth $553,080. One of the largest NL Hold’em jackpots was won this June by a poker player called Isaac Haxton, who plays under the moniker “luvtheWNBA.” A HighstakesDB report says that Haxton’s total earnings have touched the $700k mark this June.

The poker player who made the biggest poker profits this June was Hac Dang, who plays under the moniker “trex313.” His total June winnings touched the $2 million mark.

Haxton has been successful both with online as well as offline poker. Besides winning large jackpots playing high-stakes NL Hold’em at Full Tilt Poker, Haxton finished at the final table of a live poker tournament, which was held in Asia early this June, and collected a prize of $1,313,879. Recently, Haxton posted a tweet on Twitter: “Can’t remember the last time there was so much $200/$400 (or higher) NLH action online. Have barely slept last few days.” In spite of the rise in high-stakes action at Full Tilt Poker, Haxton tweeted that he will visit Las Vegas, where he cannot play either on PokerStars or on Full Tilt Poker.

Besides high-stakes NL 6-max Hold’em, PL Omaha has also attracted a lot of attention in spite of the fact that the World Series of Poker (WSOP) is in progress at Las Vegas. Prominent poker pros such as Phil Galfond, Gus Hansen, Ashton Griffin, and Brian Hastings are currently playing for prestigious WSOP bracelets.

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