Full Tilt Poker seems to have hit rock bottom and is losing all its business ties since the incident of its site going down on Black Friday. The recent disassociation by the Hendon Mob, an affiliate site that decided to sever ties with FTP was announced in a statement a couple of days ago.

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At one point of time, players who wanted to learn more about Full Tilt Poker and its recent updates could visit the Hendon Mob site to get the A to Z of what had been going on with Full Tilt Poker!

The Hendon Mob claimed that it sympathized with those players who were directed to FTP through their affiliate links, since they had at one point in time endorsed Full Tilt Poker. Their decision to break ties with the Full Tilt Poker site now shows their support of the unpaid players.

The Hendon Mob issued a statement explaining that their decision to stop supporting the Full Tilt Poker site. “We are well aware that a great deal of players including many who signed through The Hendon Mob still have money on FTP, as well as steps tickets, player points etc. going forward, and in any scenario where Full Tilt Poker resumes trading, we will as an affiliate continue to look out for the interests of our players and to try to achieve the best possible outcome regarding their funds. We do not take the loyalty of our community for granted.”

Despite this, the Hendon Mob has maintained that the breakaway was not personal and that it is was based on business although they did feel sympathetic to the players. The Hendon Mob is a poker company with a large staff working full time involved in fixing and improving the database of the poker forum. Since the company revolves around the poker forum and poker community, it is expected to be in the clear and not support sites that are not treating their players fairly.

The Hendon Mob also claimed that they were running at a loss and could not afford to have this relationship with FTP, since this would interfere with their status with other more profitable partners.

The Hendon Mob has been a strong promoter of online poker in Europe and other countries and their poker database has details of every online tournament ever held as the site is involved in tracking live tournaments. Other features of the site include poker forums and poker articles and their promotion and circulation.

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