A deal between players halvornaldo and katma77 brought the July 13th Party Poker $300K Guaranteed Weekly NL Hold’em tournament to a close at 6:15 pm EST. Here are the top ten finishers and their respective prize moneys in USD:

1. halvornaldo $50,147.99 (deal)
2. katma77 $42,852.52 (deal)
3. CanIwinWSOP $20,700
4. Tomgus456 $16,350
5. MrKlamauk $13,800
6. pepi777 $10,350
7. aussie181 $7,950
8. Youbemistake $5,250
9. Allminequick $4,050
10. Ramms888 $2,850

While a deal was eventually made, it appeared as though this would be the second to end with an outright winner after a deal fell through between the final 3 players when CanIwinWSOP inexplicably jettisoned deal making mode. This was an unexpected move from the player who was at the time a distant third in chips to the eventual top two finishers, yet under the guidelines of the deal stood to make about $26,000 USD instead of the outright third place money of $20,700. Another interesting note was the 7th place finish of aussie181, who entered final table with a massive 1.75 million chip stack and the chip lead.

For a full recap of the final table action including all hands won by each individual player,

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