Two Plus Two Interactive, the popular poker forum and source of online poker information, decided to temporarily close down at 11:20 a.m. Pacific Time on April 26 Thursday when it discovered that a hacker had gained access to users’ email addresses and passwords and had also decrypted several encrypted passwords.
The same day, Two Plus Two sent an email to all its users, informing them that the forum was closed at approximately 11:20 a.m. Pacific Time on April 26 because of the activities of a hacker who could access email addresses and decrypt encrypted passwords. Admitting that it is yet to ascertain exactly how much data has been accessed by the hacker, the forum informed its members that it is no longer safe to use the same password at 2+2. It also urged members who use the same password on other sites to change it immediately. Two Plus Two also stated that it will be closing down for security purposes and will remain closed till it corrects the breach. The email also directed members to change their passwords first thing after it re-opens.
Members who tried to visit Two Plus Two immediately after receiving the email came across an error message as the Two Plus Two team has taken it offline.
Writing about his experiences, Matthew Pitt of Poker News said that he uses the same password for a number of sites, including Two Plus Two, but was not worried because his bank as well as online poker site is associated with RSA tokens. He, however, advised all those who use the same email and password on other sites to change their passwords immediately because the hacker might have gained information to their data.
According to an Online Poker News report, Two Plus Two Interactive enjoys great popularity and is frequently visited for its excellent poker advice, tips, news, gossip, and scandal. The fact that it is has been temporarily closed down has upset a number of online poker enthusiasts who used to visit it regularly.

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