UK online poker room, is the latest in a growing line of poker rooms to change networks. It announced Wednesday that it was making the move from the lagging 24hNetwork to the suddenly very hot Microgaming Network. Microgaming has become the destination of choice for several migrating poker rooms lately, largely because of its size and its acceptance of U.S. customers.

The company has not said if it will start accepting U.S. players, which it did not before the move. While Microgaming is U.S. friendly, it is up to the individual rooms as to whether or not they want to accept Americans. is associated with a popular London poker club of the same name (minus the dot com) and has made a splash at the WSOP recently by sending a very visible contingent of players to the Series. Tiffany Williamson, who placed 15th at the 2005 WSOP, was a member of Team Gutshot.

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