Danish professional poker player, Gus Hansen ran out of lunch and has lost heavily after experiencing a relatively high upswing in the middle of May. Hansen who used to win big and experience heavy payouts before the infamous Black Friday, has not experienced the kind of luck in the post Black Friday era. Back in 2011, Hansen had a $6 million upswing and could do no wrong.

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However, on the 23rd of May, Gus Hansen blew away $1.1 million and the biggest beneficiary from his losses was a relatively unknown grinder called Cottonseed1. Taking part in this high-stakes game, Cottonseed1 managed to rake in over $500,000 from Hansen during a quick session at limit Omaha eight-or-better.

Apart from this game, Hansen was also trying his luck at the $500-$1,000 capped pot-limit Omaha games, where he managed to win a number of pots that had a cap of $80,000. Despite winning several of these pots, Hansen went on to lose more than he won, which is one of the reasons why he ended up losing over $1.1 million. Reports suggest that Hansen who plays under the user name of “Gus Hansen”, has lost close to $10 million on Full Tilt Poker during the course of his professional career. This year alone, it is reported that Hansen has lost close to $3 million.

Based on reports of his wins and losses, Hansen is now in the league of being one of the most unlucky poker players of the century. Hansen rose to fame when he won a WSOP bracelet a few years ago.

Hansen is used to the ups and downs of being a professional poker player. Earlier in the month, he was winning big and during a marathon 19 hour session at the nosebleed limit tables, he is said to have won close to $1.6 million. However, his online poker life at Full Tilt Poker has been a rollercoaster ride, especially the last couple of years. While, Hansen does win big, he appears to lose even bigger. When Full Tilt shut down, Hansen took a break and came back to try his hand again once Full Tilt launched again.

Hansen has to focus on getting his mojo back and learn once again how to string together a few good weeks in a row and win back some of the money he has lost in the recent past. The Danish poker pro does not look like quitting any time soon and it will not be long before he is in the news again.

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