An organization is making efforts to use collaboration for the development of online gaming standards so that both consumers and developers can be benefited. The average gambler has a wider choice today; he/she can choose to play table games either online or at a land-based casino. The online gaming industry also includes mobile gaming, which is rapidly gaining popularity among uses of iPhones and smartphones. It is, therefore, the need of the hour to standardize the online gambling industry for the benefit of all concerned.

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The Gaming Standards Association (GSA) announced last month that it has created an online gaming committee of technological experts who can help standardize the online gambling industry. The committee’s aim is to identify ways to cut costs of research and development, provide better customer protection, and lead to better interoperability, to mention a few.

GSA recently issued a press statement, in which it stated that the newly formed committee’s first step will be “to solicit industry input, identify problem areas, and develop a comprehensive framework for technical standards for regulated online gaming.” The suggested way to cause development in industry standards is collaboration among key players in the industry.

GSA has got 15 years of experience setting technical standards for the land gaming industry, but this association is attempting to do something similar for the online gambling industry for the first time in its history. GSA feels that these technical standards are essential to properly monitor online gambling sites’ adherence to regulations and thereby benefit consumers as well as gamblers and allow for continuous technological innovation.

The GSA is also creating a forum that “will solicit support from experts across the industry to ensure that GSA successfully builds a firm foundation for the continued growth of regulated online gaming.” One of the objectives of the forum is to bring about collaboration among various groups and organizations related to the online gambling industry.

Peter DeRaedt, president of the GSA, voiced his opinion that, although online gambling is more than twenty years old, the general public does not properly understand it. He said in a press release, “The way to achieve integrity, transparency, and consumer protection and to combat illegal activity in online gaming is through standards, and the way to achieve success in standards development is through collaboration. Collaboration must consist of affiliations with existing industry organizations that can then identify partnerships that will move the industry forward.”