News reports confirm that Groupe Bernard Tapie which initially planned to buy out Full Tilt Poker from the US Department of Justice for a sum of 80 million USD has walked away from the deal. The issue that caused Groupe Bernard Tapie to drop the deal was that the US Department of Justice had suddenly asked them to make payments to all Full Tilt Poker players within 90 days of taking the FTP site over. This situation had too difficult a set of requirements for Groupe Bernard Tapie and the company decided not to go forward.
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Although the US Department of Justice have declined to comment on the new request and the broken deal just yet, Full Tilt Poker has confirmed that the deal will not be going through.
Barry Boss, the attorney for Full Tilt Poker and spokesperson for the company on these matters, revealed that the agreement between Groupe Bernard Tapie and Full Tilt Poker will not be going to the final table as the GBT had dropped out. “Despite this development, Full Tilt Poker is more optimistic than ever that its No. 1 goal will be obtained: Full Tilt players will be repaid,” he said.
According to Benham Dayanim who functions as the attorney as spokesperson for Groupe Bernard Tapie, the company that was planning to buy Full Tilt Poker for a sum of 80 million USD, they are no longer interested in taking the deal forward. “We were not prepared to do that. The DOJ did not make that a deal-breaker until the very end.”
Dayanim revealed that the terms and timing of the repayment to Full Tilt Poker players had been a last minute change by the US Department of Justice. It also led Groupe Bernard Tapie to believe that the US Department of Justice was working with Full Tilt Poker which had another party in mind for the deal.
It must also be noted that Raymond Bitar has not made any statement regarding a new possible deal or the agreement between Groupe Bernard Tapie and Full Tilt Poker.
Dayanim and Groupe Bernard Tapie were clearly hoping that they would have more time to pay the US players, considering that they are cleaning up a mess that they did not make, but this was not to be. “Clearly, we understood that they were negotiating with another party. Ultimately, we made the best offer we could make,” concluded Dayanim.

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