Party Poker’s unique new promotion is called “The Grind”, and it rewards you for playing. As simple as that! As a Party Poker spokesman put it: “It’s quite simple, the more you grind the more we can pay. All you have to do is play!”

So what is this about?

In this one off promotion,
Party Poker is offering $100,000 in “Grindrolls” (which is just a fancy name for freerolls), plus prizes such as 80 Nintendo Wii’s and 120 80GB video iPods and a chance to enter a draw for a spanking-new Mini Cooper S Convertible.

Are you ready to Grind?

It is very simple: all you have to do is earn points by playing in
Party Poker on consecutive days. The more days you play in a row – and the more points you accumulate – will determine which Grindroll you enter: 3 days making 25 points a day gets you into a $2,000 + 10 iPod Grindroll, while 5 days making 300 points a day gets you into the $20,000 + 10 iPod + 10 Wii Grindroll. Any player who grinds 5 days in a row will be automatically entered into the drawing for the Mini Cooper.

The Grind promo also includes a special reload bonus – or shall we say Grindload bonus? You have two different options depending on how many days in a row you play and how many points you earn, and bonuses go from 20% to 100%.

‘The Grind’ promotion starts on August 27 and runs until September 9 2007. Don’t forget you must register to participate!

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