The Global Poker League (GPL), the first of its kind in poker history, is scheduled to begin early next year. Twelve teams comprising the best poker players will take part in a series of tournaments over a period of 14 days. The Global Poker Index (GPI), which is organizing the league, is of the opinion that the event “could change the way we see poker today.”

Mediarex Sports & Entertainment (MSE), the parent company of HendonMob and GPI, issued a press release stating that the GPL will contribute towards the innovation of poker and will “set the wheels in motion to shift towards the company’s goal of ‘sportifying poker,’ positioning the game as a form of entertainment.”

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The press release states: “The league and its innovative format all form part of CEO Alexandre Dreyfus’ vision to ‘sportify’ poker in a bid for the Global Poker Index to become the equivalent of the NASCAR, NFL, NBA, ATP, or PGA for poker.”

Dreyfus told that he intends to innovate poker and convert it into something that will attract the attention of the larger public. He said that he has travelled a lot to watch a wide range of events in order to “understand how things work in other domains.” He said that he has understood that e-sports events can be very engaging and people react well to them. He said: “So my question has been, can we do in poker what others are already doing in other industries?”

Convinced of the fact that the game of poker has everything it needs to appeal to the masses, Dreyfus said that the GPL aims to innovate poker in a bid to create something totally new, something that will attract to the game more fans that it ever had before. He said that the GPI wants to create products that appeal more to poker fans than to poker players as the industry is currently too much focused on customers and players, not fans. He said that “it’s time to shift the paradigm and think more about what we do to create more ‘poker fans’ and keep them interested in the game.”

The GPL will also introduce “The Cube,” which will be “a portable, 20-foot one-way soundproof cube that will offer spectators the first ever immersive poker event in the world.” The Cube has been constructed exclusively for this event and promises to deliver an innovative way to present a poker tournament.