As October draws to a close and November gets underway, the folks at Party Poker started running some numbers to see how their October Million Dollar Hand promotion fared as well as how their November promotion is getting started. While no one was able to capture the elusive royal flush in the Million Dollar Hand once again, several players did walk away with four and five figure paydays.
Once all the eligible hands were tallied, Party Poker determined that there were four straight flushes, worth $10,000 a piece as well as 41 sets of quads, worth $1,000 a piece.  In addition to those big payout hands, the promotion also paid out on 255 full houses, 417 flushes, 650 straights, 3,615 hands with three of a kind and 7,932 hands with two pair. All of those hands paid out between $10 and $150 to the respective winners and another 69,713 hands made a pair to award someone $3.
All told, Party Poker gave out more than $470,000 in Million Dollar Hand prize money, but missed out on any million dollar winners since there was no royal flush dealt out. Nonetheless, there were more than 80,000 winning hands dealt, which suggests there were plenty of users who got a piece of the Million Dollar Hand prize pool.
Players have also wasted no time taking advantage of the Gladiator promotion as well. As we previously reported, the Gladiator promotion rewards players based on how many PartyPoints they earn over a given number of days. The grand prize of this month’s promotion is a prize package to play in the Main Event of the Aussie Millions, which will be held at the Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia in January of 2010.  In order to receive the package, players must earn 1,000 PartyPoints during every day of November.
A recent press release from Party Poker suggests that on the first day of November 200 players earned 1,000 PartyPoints and started out the promotion on the right foot. As a PartyPoker spokesperson noted in the statement though, the month is just getting started and there is a still a long way to go before the month is over. “If these fearless warriors keep this up we’ll have to give away over 200 Aussie Millions packages”, the spokesperson explained. “The Gladiator’ is about endurance, however, and only the strongest will survive. Only few will have the stamina to follow the long and winding road to glory.”
While players who have not already begun logging 1,000 points per day can no longer qualify for the Gladiator Aussie Millions prize package, it is not too late to take part in the promotion. Party Poker is offering cash prizes worth anywhere from $10 to $3,000 for as few as five days of play during the month of November.

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