In November 2009, Party Poker ran an encore performance of its popular “Gladiator” promotion and now, after a few month hiatus, The Gladiator is back.  Running from March 3rd through April 1st, The Gladiator is designed to reward Party Poker customers for loyal, daily play at the online poker room.
Higher volume regulars were not all that fond of February’s Hit or Run promotion, which rewarded steady play with what essentially amounted to a lottery ticket with a low chance of winning.  A Party Poker representative told players on the Two Plus Two poker forum, “We acknowledge that this promotion was more of a fun promotion which didn’t give our Gold and VIP members the opportunity to play for some serious extra value. So in response to feedback from some of our VIP players we are bringing back a new and improved version of the Gladiator from March 3rd.”
The “new and improved” version gives players more levels and higher rewards.  Here’s how it works: in each of the 30 days during the promotional period, there are PartyPoints targets for which players can aim.  The targets start at 10 points per day and go all the way up to 2,000 points per day, with 9 target levels in all.  If a particular target is hit a pre-determined number of times, players will win a prize.  At the lowest target levels and qualifying days, the prizes are entries into freerolls with prize pools of $10,000, $15,000, and $25,000 (the specific entry depends on the target and days earned).  Those who play more can win cash prizes ranging from a minimum of $15 all the way up to $7,500.
For the most dedicated players of them all, the ones who earn 2,000 PartyPoints in all 30 days of The Gladiator, the prize is a $12,500 World Series of Poker prize package.  The package includes the $10,000 entry into the 2010 WSOP, hotel accommodations and hospitality, and $1,000 spending money.  Airfare is not included – players must take care of their own transportation.  Keep in mind that anyone who does use this prize to play in the WSOP must wear Party Poker branded clothing while playing.
The three Gladiator freeroll tournaments will be held at 2:30pm ET on April 3rd.
And unless you are shooting for a prize that requires 30 days of targets to be hit, don’t worry if you can’t play for a couple days.  The targets do not have to be hit on consecutive days.  So, if you are aiming for a 20 day prize, you can play for 10 days, take a few days off, then play for 10 more, as long as you hit the desired target each of the days you play.
One more very important note: this, as is the case for many Party Poker promotions, is an opt-in promo.  That means, starting March 3rd, you must log into your Party account and indicate that you do wish to participate in The Gladiator, or none of your points will be counted towards the promo.  You only have to opt-in once during the promotion period.  For all the details, including the complete prize table, visit

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