The 2021 WSOP decided to introduce a number of new events and also experiment with a new format. One of the events that were new at this year’s WSOP was Event #20: $1,000 Flip & Go No-Limit Hold’em.

Based On GGPoker’s Flip & Go Concept

This event was interesting because it was based on the popular Flip & Go variant that takes place at GGPoker. This event is a fast paced event that usually attracts a lot of attention and hence the WSOP decided to bring it to the live felts at the Rio.

The buy-in to this event was fixed at $1,000 and it attracted a large playing field that included a number of top poker players including Daniel Negreanu, Shaun Deeb, Jeff Gross, David Williams and Paul Volpe. Players had the option of buying into the event as many times as they wanted to.

The format required a total of 8 players to be seated at the table but there were no poker chips involved during the first part of the tournament that was based on the Flip & Go concept. A dealer would put down 3 cards in front of each player face down and then turn over the flop. Players would then look at their hands in a clockwise direction and muck one card. They will then turn over their two cards while the dealer flips over the turn and river.

Once all of the five community cards are finished, the player with the best hand at the table moves on to the next level, while the rest of the players are knocked out. The Flip & Go part of this tournament is based completely on chance but Chance Kornuth who has two WSOP bracelets to his name believes there is an element of skill involved that will help players determine which of the three cards they need to fold at the table.

Frustration At The Poker Table

The $1,000 Flip & Go No-Limit Hold’em did get a lot of attention with a total of 1,232 buy-ins. This WSOP gold bracelet event pays out a minimum of $2,000 to every player that finished in the money. A total of 155 players were set to finish in the money with the eventual winner taking home a prize of $180,655.

The event which took place at the Brasilia room saw every player that won finish in the money. Those who lost the first round hand time till 3 pm to rebuy and a number of top players did exactly that. There was a lot of frustration at the poker tables as the likes of Negreanu and Williams bought in multiple times.

Negreanu who is an ambassador for GGPoker did not have a lot of success and had to buy-in 9 times before he finally managed to move past the first round. If his run was bad, Williams had it worse as he did not make it past the first round in 18 attempts. He ended up having success on his 19th attempt, which meant he put down a total of $19,000. He will have to make it deep into the tournament to recover the $19,000 spent.

The frustration created quite a lot of excitement at the table as players, fans and media were hovering around the table as only one dealer dealt cards at a time during this event.

Once the Flip & Go part is finished, the event will then change to a standard no-limit hold’em tournament. Overall, the WSOP will be very happy with the response to this new format.

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