GGPoker is running its biggest-ever giveaway promo this August, to celebrate the return of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Online Bracelet Series. The operator is once again hosting the international leg of the massive festival which features 33 gold bracelet events and runs until September 12.
$10M in Extra Prizes Up For Grabs Throughout August
One of the reasons why GGPoker has managed to outpace its competitors is its impressive slate of promotions. It made some noise in June 2020, in the wake of the pandemic-related online poker boom, by running promotions worth a whopping $2 million.
The site has since continued to reward its players month after month, and in February 2021, it created a new record by giving away $7.5 million in total prizes, but things got even bigger the following month, when Monster March awarded $9.3 million across a plethora of promotions.
While the prizes have declined in the subsequent months mainly due to an understandable drop in online traffic, GGPoker is once again heating things up this August with a record-breaking $10 million in prizes to be given away over the course of the month. The astonishing figure will be distributed across daily leaderboards, daily flipouts, and gift boxes. The promo runs through August 31.
Here’s how players can win a share of the massive prizes:
$1M To Be Given Away Via Gift Boxes
GGPoker is offering players a brand-new way of winning extra prizes by launching the “Gift Box” promotion. Throughout the month, players taking part in MTTs on GGPoker will get the chance to compete for $30,000 in daily prizes.
Every single day, gift boxes will be awarded to the top 1,400 players – the 1st-200th will receive a gift box containing $100 worth of tickets; the 201st-600th will be awarded with $20 gift box, while $5 gift box will be given to the 601st-1400th players. The tickets can be used in playing All-In or Fold, Spin & Gold, Flip & Go, and Battle Royale.
The Gift Box promo alone will give away $1 million in extra prizes throughout August, and players only need to play GG or WSOP tournaments to earn leaderboard points and take advantage of the promo.
$50K Up For Grabs Via GGCare Daily Flipout
GGPoker welcomed 2021 with a bang by launching a new feature named “GGCare”, which was designed to give some money back to those experiencing a bad beat, suckout, or a cooler. Since January, “unlucky players” have benefited from $30,000 in consolation prizes being given away on a daily basis, or nearly $1 million each month. The prizes are awarded through daily flipout freerolls.
But throughout August, the prizes at stake are even bigger – instead of $30,000, players will compete for $50,000 via daily flipout tournaments. That equates to $1,550,000 in total prizes for the entire month.
Daily Leaderboards
GGPoker is also continuing its daily leaderboards which apply to every major format available at the site. Players can win prizes from eight leaderboards, with Spin & Gold and All-in or Fold awarding the biggest daily prize of $50,000.
Rush & Cash and 6+ Short Deck will give away $10,000 and $40,000 respectively. There’s $10,000 up for grabs in the Flip & Go leaderboard, while the Hold’em and Omaha leaderboards are both awarding $25,000 in daily prizes.
Battle Royale, which originally awarded $15,000 in weekly prizes, will now be giving away just $1,000 via its daily leaderboard promo. The prizes have been reduced as the game saw a drop in participation numbers since it first went live back in June.
In addition to the daily leaderboards, GGPoker is also continuing to run Happy Hours daily between 22:00 and midnight where players can receive x1.5 for any points earned, or x2 when they collect points via Rush & Cash games. Not only that – freebie tickets for Spin & Gold and Battle Royale will also be awarded on a daily basis until August 31.
Checkout the GGPoker website for more details.

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