GGPoker has announced that it will be giving away $10 million in freebies during the month of October. This is the third consecutive month that GGPoker will be giving away $10 million in freebies as it first started in August, followed by another $10M giveaway as a WSOP season special.
$10M Freebies In October
GGPoker is spreading out the $10 million in freebies to enable new players, high rollers and casual players to get in on the action. A number of promotions will run throughout the month of October covering just about every game offered by the online poker room. Players will find these promotions spread across leaderboards, tournaments, daily giveaways and more.
GGPoker has continued to provide stiff competition for PokerStars by coming up with these 8 figure giveaways and running some great poker tournaments including the recently concluded WSOP Online Bracelet event. GGPoker is currently ahead of PokerStars in terms of cash game traffic but only by a small margin.
This 8 figure giveaway for the third consecutive month is once again likely to keep GGPoker at the top of the list in terms of cash game traffic.
$100,000 Daily Flipouts 
One of the most attractive promotions at GGPoker is the daily Flipout tournaments which give away $100,000 on a daily basis. This promotion will see GGPoker pay out over $3.1 million in October. All you need to do to qualify for this promotion is to play your favorite games and not worry about the stakes or which format you are playing as the promotion is valid across all games.
Players who win massive pots and big hands along with those who end up with a bad beat are eligible to win.  Players will be notified if they have won an entry into these Flipout tournaments as there is no set criteria for these entry tickets to be awarded. This promo allows players to win additional cash by just playing games on GGPoker and is bound to be one of their most successful promos in October.
$4.5 Million In Leaderboard Prizes
GGPoker is running as many as 8 leaderboards in October and giving players a chance to win a lot of money as there is a total of $4.5 million being given away. Once again, players can win leaderboard prizes on a daily basis as it covers most of the games and variants on offer.
The AoF (All In or Fold), Rush & Cash and Spin & Gold leaderboards will give out a total of $33,000 on a daily basis while the Hold’em and PLO leaderboards will pay out $20,000 on a daily basis. The 6+ Hold’em and the Flip & Go leaderboards will pay out $5,000 on a daily basis and the Battle Royale will pay out $1,000 on a daily basis.
The Battle Royale has the lowest daily leaderboard giveaway because the buy-ins for this format is very low. They first level is $0.25, the next at $1, the third level is $3 and the highest level is $10. Those who play at a higher level get awarded a higher level of the prize pool.
Daily Freebies In October
GGPoker is also giving away more daily freebies through a number of cool promotions. One of those promotions only requires players to login to their account to qualify for a free tournament ticket. These free tournament tickets cannot be accumulated and will expire at the end of each day. GGPoker is also running a happy hour promo from 10 pm to midnight (each room time) where players get 1.5x points during happy hour.

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