There’s a new way to play and enjoy cash games on GGPoker. The operator has introduced a new side bet feature called “Bet on Flop” where you can bet on what the flop might look like as well as the color of the board.
Bet on Flop was launched as part of the operator’s monthly software upgrade which also includes a new biometric login feature for its mobile app.

More About the Bet on Flop Feature

GGPoker’s new side bet feature works pretty much the same as the side bets made by players during live poker games. Players involved in the hand can bet on what will come on the flop – whether a flush, straight, three of a kind, a pair, or a straight flush. Apart from that, they can also wager on the color or texture of the board – whether “more red” or “more black”.
Betting is done before the flop is dealt. Players sitting out or are not involved in the hand are not allowed to place a side bet. In the event that the hand ends before the flop, the bet rolls over to the succeeding hand. Players can make bets starting from 1BB up to 100BB. The bet is cancelled the moment a player sits out or leaves.
If you’re keen on trying out the new Bet on Flop function on GGPoker, be reminded that there is no skill involved in this new feature. The side game is entirely luck-based and the payouts are also fixed. They range from 0.75:1 to 167:1. The return-to-player (RTP) percentage also differs with each bet type.
The complete range of payouts as well as the return-to-player (RTP) percentage are as follows:
More Red/More Black – 0.75:1, 92.86% RTP; Pair – 3.4:1, 75.43% RTP; Flush – 15.5:1, 82.58% RTP; Straight – 24:1, 84.69% RTP; Triple/Straight Flush – 167:1, 78.86% RTP.
The bets you place will be deducted from your account balance. You may place side bets across all Hold’em cash tables, excluding Rush & Cash.
Multiple operators have tried a similar feature before, among them was PokerStars. The online poker giant introduced its Side Bets function back in 2020, allowing players to wager on hole cards and flops.
Players on 888poker also have access to a blackjack game right from the poker tables. The same goes for GGPoker which also has a selection of casino mini-games available for players who want to make side bets while playing poker.

Biometric Login

The iOS version of GGPoker’s mobile app now comes with biometric login, becoming the third major operator to introduce the feature. iPhone and iPad users will now be able to log in via fingerprint or facial recognition.
PokerStars was the first to launch a biometric login feature globally in 2020. It represented the operator’s biggest upgrade since it launched its mobile app in 2012. 888poker also offers a similar function.
The Bet on Flop and biometric login features were both launched in select markets on January 28. They are expected to be rolled out globally in the near future.
GGPoker continues to revolutionize the world of online poker not only by hosting the biggest tournaments on the planet but also through constant game and software innovation.
The operator is off to a good start this year on the back of a massively successful 2021, the year it dethroned PokerStars as the biggest online poker room in the world. The operator only launched in 2017 but has quickly grown to become one of the world’s leading online poker operators, and it continues to up its game despite all the huge achievements.

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