If you are looking to win some great prizes playing online poker in November, you will be interested to know that GGPoker is giving away $10 million through multiple promotions and leaderboards throughout Nov 2021.
GGPoker has given PokerStars a lot of competition in 2021 as it has pipped the online poker giant on multiple occasions to take the top spot in cash game traffic. One of the reasons GGPoker has been able to do this is due to these mega promotions. This is the fourth consecutive month that GGPoker is giving away $10 million in special promotions.

New Players Get To Honeymoon

GGPoker is bringing back its special honeymoon promotion this month. New players who register for an account in November will be able to take part in the 30 day honeymoon promotion. Those who register for a GGPoker account this month will receive the usual welcome bonus plus be able to claim the honeymoon promotion.
The regular welcome bonus will award new players with a match deposit bonus that is capped at $600. Once you claim this bonus, you can then click on the honeymoon promotion button and start your honeymoon phase where you will have to complete 10 separate missions.
Once you complete each mission during this honeymoon period, you will be given rewards. When you reach a certain amount of rewards, you progress to the next mission. These missions are simple challenges like winning a hand at Texas Hold’em or taking part in 50 hands of PLO. The final reward that you will get on completing all 10 missions is a cash prize of $150.

Daily Flipouts Worth $100,000

GGPoker will give away $3 million in November via its daily flipouts. A total of $100,000 will be given away on a daily basis. All you have to do is have a bad run at a bad beat game, end up with a big poker hand or get a massive payout to be considered for the daily flipout prize.
This is an interesting flipout promotion as the operator is looking to reward players who win big and also players who lose. The amount they collect from the flipout promotion is directly related to how much they win or end up losing at the tables.

8 Leaderboards – Special Giveaways  

A huge sum of the $10 million is being given away through 8 leaderboard promotions. The No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha leaderboards will see $33,000 given away daily, the Rush & Cash leaderboard will have a $30,000 prize giveaway daily, the Spin & Gold and All-In or Fold leaderboards have a $25,000 giveaway daily, the Six+ Hold’em and Flip & Go leaderboards have a $5,000 giveaway daily and the Battle Royale leaderboard has a $1,000 giveaway daily.
When you combine all eight leaderboards, you will find that GGPoker is giving away $4.5 million in leaderboard promotions.

Daily Freebies Promo

If you don’t have the bankroll to play online poker daily at GGPoker, you can still win prizes via the daily freebies promo. You don’t need to play any real money poker to win daily freebies. All you have to do is login to your GGPoker account on a daily basis throughout the month of November and you stand a chance to win daily freebies.
The response to this promotion has been very strong and is one of the reasons why GGPoker is continuing with it in November. Those who win daily freebies will be able to take part in other GGPoker variants such as Battle Royale and Spin & Gold.

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