GGPoker is the only real money online poker site offering tournament staking to players and backers. The unique feature allows players to sell or buy pieces of action, helping them to maximize their play and better deal with variance.
Tournament staking is a common practice in the poker world. In fact, top poker pros often sell their tournament action to so-called “backers”. In return, these backers get a portion of the player’s winnings. Pros usually announce their intention to sell their own action by posting in online forums and social media sites. Some have existing long-term deals with known poker investors.
At GGPoker, tournament staking is allowed right inside the poker client, and you can do it without paying extra fees! Read below to find out more about this innovative feature.
Tournament Staking Process at GGPoker
At GGPoker, you can either buy a share of another player’s tournament action (staking) in exchange for a share of any winnings, or, you can sell pieces of your action (selling) in any given tournament.
Buying Someone’s Action
Last week, Daniel Negreanu who has recently become one of GGPoker’s new ambassadors, played in the GG Masters with $300,000 in guarantees up for grabs. Negreanu decided to sell 50% of his action in 1% increments, and with absolutely zero mark-up. Those who invested in him in that particular tournament bought a share of his action for $1.50, and they would receive 1% of Negreanu’s winnings in return.
For example, if Negreanu won $44,710, those who backed him would earn $447.10. But unfortunately, Negreanu was unable to finish in the money.
If you are selling your own action, you can choose to charge a mark-up of up to 2x, and that is if you’re confident enough that you are in a better position to win or at least score a deep run. The amount of investment in another player’s tournament action would also change if that player adds a mark-up. For example, had Negreanu charged a mark-up of 1.5x on his GG Masters action, backers would have needed to spend $2.25 for each 1% of winnings, instead of $1.50.
Selling Your Action
Selling your action also works similarly as buying a stake – you decide how much you want to sell and add a mark-up accordingly (but you can also choose not to).
Poker investors will then check your tournament background and assess your recent results in all levels of stakes, including in the buy-in range that you’re selling. If they decide to purchase your action, they will earn a percentage of your winnings, according to the stake they bought.
Players usually sell their action to properly manage their bankroll and reduce the risk of them losing a significant amount of money especially in higher stakes tournaments. In the same manner, buying a stake in another player allows you to get in on the action and be profitable even without playing.
Of course, winning is not always guaranteed. If you are a player selling your action, the fact that you’ve just lost your investor’s money is painful. From a backer’s perspective, it’s also disappointing if you continuously invest a certain amount of money without getting anything in return. Most staking deals also involve a make-up clause, which requires sellers to win back their backers’ investment first before getting any profit. Things can be very tough when these sellers get stuck on the losing end.
But all in all, staking generally benefits both the sellers and backers, and the fact that this feature is being offered inside an online poker platform makes the experience more fun and exciting.
The tournament staking feature is integrated into the GGPoker software, meaning the process is being handled by the software itself, making all staking transactions smooth and seamless, and preventing scams. This ensures utmost protection for both the buyers and the sellers. GGPoker is also not placing any restrictions on who you can buy shares from. Everyone is also free to sell their action.
For more details, go ahead and check out the GGPoker website.

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