If you are a poker player is on the lookout for a great selection of prizes in October, go straight to GGPoker. The online poker site has announced a massive $5 million giveaway in promotions just for this month alone, distributed via eight exciting promotions, some of which are giving out at least $20,000 in daily prizes!
This latest promotional giveaway by GGPoker is by far the biggest it has run, giving players the opportunity to win some extra cash, on top of the massive prizes also up for grabs in multiple tournaments running at the site. The online platform is wasting no time establishing itself as among the top online poker destinations of today.
When it comes to promotions, GGPoker has not failed its players. In September, $4 million was awarded to players across a suite of promotions. In July and August, it gave away $5 million in combined promotional prizes, which the site promoted as the biggest giveaway in the history of iPoker. But that record has now been smashed by the latest $5 million promotional giveaway in a single month!
If you want to win a share of GGPoker’s massive giveaway this October, here are the eight promotions running on the site throughout the month.
Rush & Cash Leaderboard ($33,000 Daily)
If you’re a fan of GGPoker’s fast-fold cash game Rush & Cash, then you can take a shot at $33,000 in daily prizes. Whether you’re playing Omaha or Hold’em, and no matter what stake level you’re in, a specific leaderboard is designed for you. There are actually 14 of them, covering all stakes, from $0.01/$0.02 all the way up to $1/$2.
For each Rush & Cash hand you play, you’ll receive points, and you can boost them by playing during the Happy Hours, from 02:00 UTC, to 04:00 UTC. Strive to be in the top 20 to 100 and win a prize!
All In Or Fold (One Buy-in Reward)
GGPoker’s All In or Fold promotion is also making a return, awarding One Buy-in rewards for those who are able to play 100 hands of the fast-paced game. You can win up to $80 worth of One Buy-in rewards, depending on the blind level. Additional prizes are also on offer via the All in or Fold Bingo Rewards side game. If you are able to match your hole cards on the 4×4 bingo board, you’ll receive some extra rewards!
Spin & Gold Daily Free Spin
By simply logging in to your GGPoker account, you’ll be awarded with a free $0.25 ticket to Spin & Gold, GGPoker’s own version of the lottery sit and go. If you’re lucky enough, you can win up to $12,000 times your buy-in!
Spin & Gold: Mine Gold
GGPoker’s Spin & Gold is awarding $20,000 daily. All you need to do is to play Spin & Gold, earn points and improve your leaderboard standings. Each buy-in has a dedicated leaderboard, awarding prizes to the top 15-100 finishers every day.
Hold’em Leaderboard ($20K Daily Giveaway)
Hold’em players can take a shot at $20,000 in daily prizes via the Hold’em Leaderboard. Play as many hands as you can and move up the stakes to take a good spot in the leaderboard rankings. Also take note of the Happy Hours – 22:00 and 24:00 PST – that’s the time you can earn more points!
Omaha Leaderboard ($20K Daily Giveaway)
The Omaha Leaderboard works in a similar way to its Hold’em counterpart. $20,000 will also be awarded each day, meaning $620,000 in prizes are for grabs for the entire month.  Like the Hold’em Leaderboard, you can also boost your points up to 1.5 times during the Happy Hour (22:00 and 24:00 PST).
Short Deck 6+
The Short Deck 6+ promotion gives away $7,500 daily ($230,000 throughout the month), covering all nine stake levels. The leaderboard race also includes Happy Hours (22:00 and 24:00) where you can maximize your points.
Honeymoon For Newcomers
GGPoker is also running a promotion exclusive to new players on the site. You can activate the promotion three days after registering.  Simply complete missions and win a prize!

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