Marvin Rettenmaier, better known as ‘Mad Marvin’ of team Party Poker has done it again, winning Season 10 – 2012 World Poker Tour Championship. He played at the $25,000 main event and took the first place with winnings of $1,196,858 along with 1,008 Card Player of the Year points. Marvin’s huge victory this season has pushed his worldwide Player of Year ranking to 12.

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Although, the news of his win saw fans cheering from around the world, his victory was not a piece-of-cake. The World Poker Tour Championship winner entered the final with 44% of his chips but his opponents did not make the win any easier. Marvin’s most difficult play was against the second runner up Phillipe Ktorza, who walked in with the shortest stack with just 15 big blinds. Biggies like Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi, Steve O’Dwyer and Nick Schulman who were looking to add another cup to their mantle played a catalyst to the final draw between Rettenmaier and Ktorza. The game was now set for adrenalin pumping drama that promised to turn the game red hot!

Ktorza’s risky entry with just 15 big blinds at one point seemed to give Rettenmaier the edge to take the victory, but not without a fight. The long and epic battle between Rettenmaier and Ktorza did have its own share of dilemmas with both players at some point having dangerously low big blinds. Ktorza was able to double up his meagre three blinds with three consecutive shots while Rettenmaier’s onetime seven big blinds doubled up with pocket tens. In the end, however, Mad Marvin Rettenmaier sealed the deal with a K-K cooler that left Ktorza reeling with his J-J’s. Ktorza conceded defeat and walked out with a second place prize of $805,310.

While the World Poker Tour World Championship got a day off on Friday in preparations for the finals, the $100,000 Super High Roller event took off with Tom Marchese taking home the gold. Mad Marvin, who entered on top, endured a long and tiring battle lasting 8 hours and 200 hands before taking the top. Rettenmaier proudly swooped in and bagged the $1.2 million first prize and a shiny new WPT trophy after defeating second place player, Frenchman Phillipe Ktorza.

Rettenmaier was ecstatic about his win. The winner of this year World Poker Tour Championship was reeling from the final moments of the event but found the experience simply amazing.

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