Genting Poker Series 2016 has released its schedule, and one good thing about it is that the organizers have decreased the buy-ins, indicating the fact that they are want to attract more recreational poker players to the series.

The Genting Poker Series of last year was a roaring success. The only event that missed the guaranteed prize pool was the main event with a buy-in of £440. The tour could be continued along the same lines, but the organizers want things to change. This year, the schedule includes 16 brand new events, and only three of these events will have a main event with a buy-in of £440. The other 13 will have reduced buy-ins of £220.

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The Genting Poker Series’ mini main event model is similar to that of the World Poker Tour’s (WPT) national main event model. Recently, the WPT has stopped organizing some of its main events because it wants to have a few more national events. The Genting Poker Series seems to be following in the WPT’s footsteps.

Organizers of the tour know exactly what they are doing. They are well aware of the fact that recreational poker players aren’t really interested in guaranteed prizes. They want to be able to afford the buy-in, and most recreational poker players can afford the smaller buy-in of £220.

In 2016, the tour will stop at two new places. At Torquay, a mini main event with a buy-in of £220 will be played on November 10 to November 13. At Birmingham’s Genting International Casino, another mini main event will be played from Aug 18 to Aug 21. The Genting International Casino will offer guaranteed prizes worth £755,000, which is £35,000 more than what was offered in 2015. The finalists of the mini main event will receive a free entry to a £440 buy-in Main Event at any destination of their choice.

The Genting Poker Series of 2016 will include £220 mini main events at Luton (Jan 21 – 24), Star City (Feb 3-7), Sheffield (Feb 25-28), Glasgow (Mar 31-Apr 3), Reading (Apr 14-17), Stoke (May 19-22), Liverpool (Jun 16-19), Luton (Jul 14-17), Genting International Casino (Aug 18-21), Westcliff (Oct 13-16), Torquay (Nov 10-13), and Newcastle (Nov 17-20). The £440 buy-in main events will be held at Westcliff (Mar 16-20), Edinburgh (Sep 28-Oct 2), and Sheffield (Dec 7-11).

While each mini main event offers a guaranteed prize of £35,000, the major main event offers a guaranteed prize of £100,000.

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