GamePoint, one of the leading developers of mobile and social games, announced that it has released its newest social poker game for Facebook. Called GamePoint Poker, this game is the latest title in GamePoint’s existing portfolio of social casino games such as Royaldice, GamePoint Bingo, and CardParty. All these games enable players to play with others, enjoy the social gaming experience, and create new bonds of friendship.

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GamePoint Poker includes poker games with formats such as Sit N Go, No Limit, and Limit. Players can customize each game by choosing their own buy-in and stake amount. The app displays the exact number of players who are currently playing the same game at the same buy-in or stake level.

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GamePoint Poker is actually the favourite variant of Texas Hold’em played with the above-mentioned three formats. Players are dealt two cards at the beginning of the game and challenged to create the best hand by using the community cards. The game has Check, Raise, Fold, and other options, which players can use whenever they need to make a move. The app displays not only the number of people taking part in the game, but also observing it.

GamePoint has developed its new social poker game to give poker players the opportunity to socialize and make friends as they play poker. The software includes chat rooms, which players can use to communicate with their fellow players.

Since the game is played with virtual money, players will win only virtual money. They can use their winnings to purchase badges to make their profiles look impressive. They can also purchase more virtual chips with real money. The app also challenges players to win medals for specific achievements such as playing continuously for two hours, winning hands with specific cards, and so on.

Rik Haandrikman, the business development director for GamePoint, said: “We’re proud of this latest addition to our suite of social casino games. After extensive testing by some of our most committed GamePoint players on our own portals, we feel we’re ready to present GamePoint Poker to the world by launching it on Facebook canvas. GamePoint has always been a strong player in the synchronous multiplayer and social casino spaces. Poker was a bit of a no-brainer, but we wanted to do it right.”

Those interested can play GamePoint Poker for free at the GamePoint website as well as Facebook. The company is currently building a version for iPad.

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