Gameloft’s long awaited poker video game, Million Dollar Poker, has finally reached the production stage and is reaching stores all over the United States this week. The video game, created with the help of Ace online professional and international poker star Gus Hansen, has been under intense development and testing for some time now and promises to be one of the most challenging poker games to date.

The game is meant for mobile phone play and is truly the first of its kind since it integrates a sophisticated new generation of artificial intelligence giving players an incredibly realistic opponent. Gus Hansen not only lent his celebrity image to the game, he was closely involved with the development of the game thus incorporating years of expert poker knowledge in order to create the most challenging poker game possible.

"The embarrassing thing is that I am yet to complete the game," Hansen wrote in his blog earlier this week. "It takes a lot of skill to master the game's artificial intelligence as we wanted to create a game that offered a real challenge for you guys."

For the first time ever in the history of poker video games, a psychological dimension has been added to the computer opponent allowing it to accumulate knowledge about the player, giving it the opportunity to strategize against whoever is playing the game. Interested buyers may rest assured that there will always be a fresh challenge to meet on this game. With over one million unique opponent profiles, you can rest assured that you will have more than enough variety and challenges to meet the most demanding of poker players.

The key features of the game are:
• Next-generation AI developed with Gus Hansen
• TV-like effects that give the player a realistic, subjective view to reveal the players' cards, TV host, TV camera view and renowned locations
• Integrated function that can create one million different opponent profiles
• Three main modes: Exhibition, Career and Heads-Up duels
• Career mode allows players to participate in various types of tournaments to win enough money to access the most profitable poker events.
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