Nevada regulators have issued an interactive gaming license to GambleID, a company that provides consumer identification services to online gambling sites, including online poker rooms. GambleID has thus become the twenty-third company to get a license in Nevada. The newly issued license will enable GambleID to enter Nevada’s ever-growing online poker industry and grab its share of the profits generated.

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It can be recalled that Ultimate Poker became the first licensed online poker room in the US when it was launched under a Nevada license a month back. In spite of initial technical issues, Ultimate Poker attracted a large number of Nevada poker players and is doing very well at present. According to Nevada’s online gambling regulations, online poker sites can accept only players who are located in Nevada, not outside the state. Players do not even need to own property in Nevada; they just need to be located in Nevada in order to play at a Nevada-licensed online poker room.

Online poker rooms can now use GambleID services to identify their players and ensure that they are indeed located within Nevada. The newly granted license has boosted GambleID’s reputation and has put it in a position to offer its valuable customer identification services to a rapidly growing online poker market.

GambleID Founder President J. D. Garner said: “Upon hearing the granting, it became an especially important day for us. The news of the board and commission’s final approval is instrumental in our next steps – so that is to say we’re extremely pleased. While the license will provide GambleID with greater scale to equip and support our casino operators and partners with our ‘Customer Insight’ solutions, we feel our solutions will be vital and beneficial to other regulatory markets as they continue to progress online.”

Recently, Nevada regulators had announced that they are investigating Cantor Gaming, a gambling company located in Las Vegas, and Mike Colbert, the former director of its sports book. In October 2012, Colbert was one of those who were arrested and charged for illegal bookmaking and money laundering. The regulators said that they are still investigating the case and have not yet reached a conclusion.

Colbert is now out on bail, but if the court finds him guilty, he might get sentenced to as many as 25 years in jail. He stands accused of being involved in transferring gambling funds worth $100,000 between Las Vegas and New York.

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