According to a report published in G-poker, an online poker resource for Canadian players, the government of France has directed its Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to prevent all online poker players in France from gaining access to online gaming sites that have not been issued a gaming license by ARJEL, a French online gaming regulatory body, with effect from 2012.

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The ARJEL, which was launched in 2010, has issued licenses to prominent online poker rooms such as Party Poker, 888 Poker, and PokerStars. The government of France has entrusted the duty of re-directing French online poker players who try to gain access to online poker sites without a French license to those online poker sites that have been approved and licensed by ARJEL.

Commenting on the move, Jeremy Taylor, a spokesperson for G-poker, said: “PokerStars is expected to be the big winner of the new ruling in France, though their American presence following their April 15 shutdown is significantly smaller. The fact that a company has a license in France does not offer any assurance for Canadian players — look at Full Tilt Poker, for example. They had a license in France, and when things went bad, it was simply suspended, while our readers are still owed money despite numerous lawsuits filed in Canada and abroad.”

Taylor further said that G-poker recommends selecting an online poker site that is not only licensed by the ARJEL, but is also owned by publicly traded companies that require to adhere to strict rules with regard to their financial situation while simultaneously employing sound business techniques to maintain the confidence of their stockholders.

Speaking about the advantages of 888 Poker, Taylor said that 888 Poker is not only licensed by ARJEL, but also by the Nevada Gaming Council, which puts it in an ideal position to grab a share of the US online poker market as soon as the US federal government legalizes the US online poker industry. Besides, 888 Poker has a London Stock Exchange (LSE) presence and its financial reports of the previous year are excellent. The online poker room is known for its integrity and its ability to adhere to the gaming laws of local governments.

Taylor also said that Party Poker also has a French license and is owned by a publicly traded company, which enjoys an excellent reputation. Customers are 100 percent satisfied with the quality of the online poker gaming experience at Party Poker, he added.

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