After the FBI seized 10 more poker sites and shut them down, several furious and frustrated groups of US poker players marched on to Capitol Hill at a rally for protesting against the poker indictments in April.

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According to a former Senator of New York, US poker players are concerned about losing their rights! Important poker groups and several poker players had gathered at the event which was organized by Alfonse D’Amato, who is the chairman of the Poker Players Alliance. He says that it is about what the government is trying to control in people’s homes.

These protests have begun after a month of the poker sites being seized by the FBI being shut down. The poker sites and their owners were charged with bank fraud, and money laundering.

Eric H. Holder Jr., who is the Attorney General says that this act was meant to disable the 2006 bill which is directed towards regulating online gambling. The $6 billion industry that has evolved due to online poker is being turned down by the federal officials. Poker groups say that playing online poker is their right and the government should regulate it instead of shutting it down. This is how illegal activities increase in the society.

Many poker players like Linda Johnson, have had their lives turn upside down by losing a steady income stream, and losing their beloved form of entertainment. Their protest is that the government cannot stop them from playing something within their homes.

John Campbell of California and Joe Barton of Texas are officials who are voting for the legislations to clarify the law against online gambling. Their argument is that since poker is a game of skill it should not be banned.

More than 50 protestors were present at the rally and they included important officials as well as poker lovers. Their argument is that poker can be used to ease the debt faced by the country and instead it is being banned and is increasing the debt crisis for many people.

Poker can be used to provide a regular income for the country and its operations since it is a big industry. These indictments would only increase illegal poker and make them go underground; they would also push people towards foreign sites which are not safe.

The government can provide a win-win situation at both ends by ensuring consumer protection and by earning steady revenue, and instead they are ignoring these facts, and increasing indictments like the more recent ones on May 24th 2011.

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