To the surprise of the poker gaming community, the much publicized Rush Poker mobile app from Full Tilt Poker was rejected by the Android Market, forcing Full Tilt to pull it back. The Rush Poker Mobile was only tested and launched recently on the market and was declared ready for use. The application hit the Android market a week ago soon after it was beta tested and approved by Black Card members.
The application was also declared compatible with Android phones and hence it being abruptly pulled from the market had poker players baffled. Initially, the Full Tilt Poker site claimed that the Rush Poker Mobile application was not available to players owing to issues with maintenance, which led customers to wait for the glitch in the beta software to be fixed.
Full Tilt Poker posted a note on the matter on the to inform players about the software. “Rush Poker Mobile is currently unavailable due to maintenance. While we are delighted at the success of the Rush Poker Mobile software, due to the software being in the beta testing stage, maintenance such as this is often essential,” the site claimed.
However, Poker News Daily, a news site later claimed that the real reason behind the rejection of the Rush Poker app was because it offered players the opportunity to play real money poker games. Indeed, this may have been the case as according to a post made by the technical support staff from Full Tilt on the site which highlighted the regulations imposed on application by the Android Market. “On the Android Market website, language against real money gambling games is given: “Apps with gambling themes or that include simulated gambling should be rated ‘Teen’ or above. Real gambling is not allowed in Android Market.” Also prohibited in the Android Market are programs that incorporate pornography, hateful speech, illegal activities, and “gratuitous real violence,” the email from the Full Tilt technical staff read, while quoting from the Android Market site.
However, players need not be completely disappointed over the absence of the Rush Poker Mobile app from the market, as Rush Poker is still available on the Full Tilt Poker website for FTP members only. Players must note that this is not a mobile application but rather a web-based version which uses a QR code and is run on Flash. Users will have to posses a 10.1 or higher version of Flash on their computers for this program to run. Meanwhile, players can only wait to see if the Full Tilt’s Rush Poker Mobile App will get back on the market in the future.

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