In the past week, Full Tilt Poker unveiled some significant upgrades to its software client, running the gamut from security to tournament play to the general look and feel of the software. All of the new features are explained on the Full Tilt website, but here they are in a nutshell:
New Security Layer
While PokerStars has made a physical security token available for purchase for a while now, Full Tilt is still working on it. What Full Tilt did implement, however, is an extra bit of security information at login. This entirely optional additional security layer comes in the form of a three-card PIN that will be entered along with a player’s password. This way, if someone somehow figures out another customer’s password, there is still the PIN to figure out. This option can be activated by going to “Security” in the main lobby menu and then “Additional Authentication.” The PIN will be sent via e-mail.
Deal Making
When Party Poker completely revamped its software, one of the most applauded additions was its deal-making feature at final tables of tournaments. No longer was the honor system needed, no longer did players have to discuss a deal while still playing. No Party Poker reps were necessary to mediate. Now Full Tilt Poker has launched the same type of system. At any tournament final table, even in single table Sit-and-Gos, the players will be able to pause the action for up to twenty minutes to discuss a deal. Once all players have hit the “Make a Deal” button, they can start talking. Custom payouts can of course be made, but Full Tilt’s deal making function will also allow for the prize pool to be divided based on chip count or ICM calculations. The chip leader is the one with control of the deal and will enter all deal info, but all players must accept the deal before it is finalized.
New Lobby Views
The old, “classic”, lobby is still available, but Full Tilt has rolled out two new lobbies for those who want to try something different. Regulars may want to look at the “Standard” lobby version, which allows players to manipulate a score of advanced filters in order to find the exact games they want. This view is also further customizable through the use of Lobby Widgets, which are small sections of information found on the right side of the lobby. They include standard “at-a-glance” info such as ring game player lists, tournament info, and waiting list functionality, but there are also new things like a mini-cashier, FTP odometer, and session information, as well.
For those who want to keep it simple, there is the “Basic” lobby view, which allows players to find a game with just a few clicks of the mouse. Just follow the step-by-step instructions to choose real or play money, then game type (ring game, tourney, Sit-and-Go), game variety (Hold’em, Omaha, etc.), limit (Fixed, No Limit, Pot Limit) or variant (HA, HORSE, HOE, etc.), stakes, and finally whether you want a full ring game, six-max game, or to simply observe a table or browse all tables that meet your specifications.
Full Tilt launched the new features in tandem with its “Biggest Bonus Ever” promotion. The “Biggest Bonus Ever” is available to any Full Tilt customer who earned a Full Tilt point by July 28th. With this promo, every eligible player will receive a bonus of at least $100, with no deposit required. Simply go to “My Promotions” in the cashier to see the bonus offer. The offer must be accepted by August 16th and once accepted, players have 30 days to complete the requirements.

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