Rational Group, the parent company of PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker, has confirmed that Full Tilt Poker will expand its online gambling offerings after changing its brand name to Full Tilt Gaming. Since Delaware and New Jersey have legalized online gambling, Full Tilt is planning to launch online casino products.

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In a statement issued to the poker media, Rational Group says: “The Rational Group intends to expand our product offering to include casino-style games on Full Tilt Poker.” However, PokerStars will continue offering online poker services only.

The Rational Group further states: “While adding new games, we remain committed to building our leadership in poker with PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker and continuing to deliver the highest quality poker experience to players.”

According to Full Tilt’s parent company, Full Tilt Poker’s new casino gaming services will maintain the same standards of experience, security, integrity, customer support, and safety that players expect from the Rational Group brands.

Online Poker Report was the first to report that the brand name of Full Tilt Poker will be changed to Full Tilt Gaming. In the course of its 12-year-long history, Rational Group has offered online poker products only, which makes this the first time the company will be offering online casino services.

Reliable sources associated with the company have stated that the first stages of gaming expansion and re-branding have already begun at Full Tilt Poker. The company is, however, secretive and has not revealed too many finer details. It has only confirmed that the portfolio of games at Full Tilt Poker will soon include several online casino games.

The move is expected to be greatly beneficial for PokerStars. In the first place, PokerStars requires an online casino gaming platform at home to expand into licensed and regulated online gaming markets within the US. A poker-only company will find it very difficult to compete against major gambling sites such as Party Gaming and 888.com.

Besides, Full Tilt Poker’s parent company appears to have realized that many of Full Tilt Poker’s former customers do not want to have anything to do with the brand. Although one of the major online poker rooms in the industry, it has not succeeded in meeting the Rational Group’s expectations.

Since the revenue-generating capacity of online casinos is higher than that of online poker rooms, expanding its offerings to include casino gaming will turn out to be a financially sound move for Rational Group.

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