The Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) after much deliberation has agreed to have the Full Tilt Poker hearing in private since Full Tilt Poker’s legal representatives asked for the same claiming that it would be in the interest of the AGCC since the proceedings might reveal sensitive information regarding the company and that it might not necessarily be fruitful in the future.
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Full Tilt Poker also stated that they would pay the due fees within seven days if they were allowed to keep the license from being suspended. Hence, considering these statements the AGCC has agreed to hold the Full Tilt Poker hearing in private and has adjourned it for the present so that the company can pursue commercial investors for their future.
During the suspension of Full Tilt Poker’s license last month, the AGCC found the licenses of Vantage Ltd, Oxalic Ltd, Filco Ltd and Orinic Ltd, which collectively form Full Tilt Poker – to be functioning not in line with the Alderney legislation. The AGCC suspended the license on account of the US Attorney Office’s investigation into the same.
After growing heat regarding a public hearing, the Full Tilt Poker started off stating that they request a private hearing since sensitive past and future information regarding the company was at stake if it were held publicly, they also stated that this would be in the interest of the AGCC.
After a few hours of deliberation the AGCC decided to have the meeting in private and has also agreed to adjourn the meeting until Full Tilt Poker finds investors. The AGCC claims that if the company is able to secure investors then it would turn out to be in the interest of the players and hence they have considered giving Full Tilt Poker the time it needs. The AGCC has adjourned the hearing which would be substantively held not later than the 15th of September and further details regarding this hearing would be given in the future. They have emphasized the need to have this hearing in the future as part of their ruling.
Meanwhile, ARJEL has confirmed that the French license for Full Tilt Poker would remain suspended. ARJEL had suspended the French license of Full Tilt Poker, operating with the .fr domain, after the AGCC had suspended their license, claiming that it might not be good for the players to be playing at this site, and that it is for their protection.

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