Jeff Ifrah appears to be the voice of Full Tilt Poker and is responding to the queries regarding this poker site coming in from all over the world. Recently he answered a few questions regarding Full Tilt on 2+2 forums. There are several questions regarding the future that that Full Tilt faces based on what has been happening during the past few months since Black Friday.

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Full Tilt Poker has mentioned to its investors that if they are interested in funding the site, the priority would be returning money to their US and European players. Full Tilt has been trying to raise funds by meeting with various investors who are interested in getting a share of the company.

The statements released by Full Tilt last week, included explanations regarding the status of money to be returned to the players, the rumour regarding the company having rejected offers from investors and the news regarding its recent silence.

Full Tilt Poker probably faced the maximum number of issues since Black Friday as compared to any other online site. Full Tilt had its site shut down just like many others on Black Friday, and then it had the license revoked by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission and a French organization too. Players have not received any form of response or assurance regarding their money that should be returned by Full Tilt, and although there were rumours that foreign investors are ready to help out the company by buying some of its shares, it seems Full Tilt has turned down certain offers.

Jeff Ifrah posted certain responses considering the company’s current situation and he states: “Personally speaking, yes, it will be very difficult for the company to meet all obligations without the help of an investor. Future statements will make clear why this is so.”

Defending the company’s recent silence he said, “The Company was unable to say anything for the past eight week due to a confidentiality agreement. Now it is ready and willing to make up for that silence. The idea of separately timed statements is to make sure the statement is clear and concise instead of overloaded with information. I hope that once the statements are out this will become more evident. I realize it is somewhat cold comfort right now and apologize for that.”

It was confirmed that Ray Bitar is still the current CEO of Full Tilt and that there were no such offers rejected by the company, since there were no satisfactory deals that were discussed.

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