Now that Full Tilt Poker is back up and running, and players can enjoy real money poker play and participate in the ever popular poker tourneys. However, the matter of paying back existing and old poker players their due money is still unsettled. The issue itself is a matter of debate, where some players believe that they will be paid back all or some of their money and others believe that Full Tilt Poker will just string them along. It remains to be seen if poker players will take their cash out of the Full Tilt Poker site or if they will keep it in and continue to play.

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Let’s see what the poker players and poker professionals of Full Tilt Poker have to say about the return of the Full Tilt Poker site and its possibilities of paying out players.

After being offline since June 2011, Full Tilt Poker relaunched on Tuesday with real-money gaming while making available $184 million in balances to non-U.S. based players. More than a year and a half after Black Friday, the return of FTP under the guidance of PokerStars marked a rare bright day in the online poker industry, a sentiment largely shared by players and industry insiders alike.

Some players are just happy that the Full Tilt Poker site is back. According to a tweet of Gus Hansen: “Great to be back at the tables @fulltiltpoker” and Viktor Blom: “I missed you @FullTiltPoker! I am jumping into a 50c/$1 to get things going! come find me!”

JP Kelly also said, “Full Tilt Poker is back! Loving it, will be back playing on there soon :)”

Others made more observatory remarks like Corey Burbick who said, “FTP shuts down on tax day and relaunches on Election Day…. Does that mean anything!?? No but I still don’t have my money. #confusedturtle”

According to Timothy Adams: “I had quite a lot on FTP and plan on keeping the majority of my money on the site. PokerStars has had basically an unblemished record in my eyes, and I feel quite secure with them in control of the new FTP.”

However, Terrence Chan is of the opposite opinion, “I no longer play the big high-limit games like I did to accumulate my Full Tilt balance, so I’m planning to cash out the majority of it. I’ll probably play medium stakes and tournaments on there, so I’ll keep some money, but the rest I’ll likely put in my investments. And have a little bit of a spending spree.”

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