The deal between Full Tilt Poker (FTP) and Groupe Bernard Tapie (GBT) is a long awaited settlement and the entire poker community is watching and hoping eagerly to see this culmination of events. However, it has begun to seem that the process between Full Tilt Poker, the DOJ and Groupe Bernard Tapie has just been dragging out with prospects becoming dimmer by the day for the FTP site.
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And as a result, Full Tilt Poker appears to be considering a secondary solution in the form of another company that is reportedly willing to buy them out for a paltry sum of $30 to $35 million. Since, the FTP site is still in the process of making a deal with Groupe Bernard Tapie for a sum of $80 million, where GBT will sort out their problems with the DOJ and take over the site, the $35 million dollar deal is just a back up plan.
According to a statement from a news report by the iGaming site, “The deal would centre around offering in the region of $30 to $35 million for the software alone, while the FTP name, brand and all associated with it would be then wound up. The funds for the software would be deposited in a neutral account for Administrators of the company to distribute to creditors of FTP.”
However, the drastic difference between the two offers cannot be missed, especially since the second option is less than half of which Groupe Bernard Tapie is offering FTP. This causes one to raise the question as to why GBT is even willing to spend so much on Full Tilt Poker, if they are willing to settle for half.
Ray Bitar, one of the heads at Full Tilt Poker actually commented on the issue stating, “I have been cooperating fully with the DOJ so they can complete their investigation. Beyond that, I spend a good deal of my time making sure that FTP survives and that the players get repaid.”
There are many in the poker community who cannot help but feel sorry for the Full Tilt Poker brand – a once thriving site that reportedly took in a million dollars a day in earnings – that now appears to be struggling just to survive.
After Black Friday, which unfortunately helped to unearth the fact that FTP did not have enough real money to pay its players, the site was literally turned upside down and is still unable to find its feet.

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