Full Tilt Poker has been recently canvassing about its planned repayments to poker players through the Groupe Bernard Tapie and other associated organization all across Europe. In order to verify this and get a second opinion so to speak, a survey was conducted with ex-Full Tilt members. These poker players were contacted, and asked how they would prefer to get paid.

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It is obvious since it involves Full Tilt Poker, which has been in trouble for quite some time now, and then there is a tag called “conditions apply”. It seems the idea or the motive behind this concept of canvassing is that Full Tilt can get a hold of how the online market with respect to poker is.

This is seen in the kind of questions that were asked to those players who were called up. The questions that were asked to players over telephone were:

· What online poker room are you playing on?

· How much money do you have stuck in FTP?

· Would you play on FTP again?

· What were your usual cashout-deposit habits?

All this was done in an effort to ensure that they were able to build a rapport with the players. After this, the players were asked the important questions like:

· If Full Tilt Poker could open again within a matter of weeks, and asked this question “Which of the following options would you prefer as a means of releasing their Full Tilt Poker bankroll?”

The options for the answer were:

· Investing part of their funds in company shares

· Cashout all their account balance with a PENALTY, which would mean a percentage of the whole balance

· Small cashouts that would unlock throughout time.

Such options have been thought off before and offered to players, but not all of them have been feasible all the time. And it seems that the idea is to promote the third option to the players.

It seems the idea behind all of this is to launch Full Tilt again without any new investment of funds into it. Whether this be the case is still under question, but the marketing calls have already begun, and that means that Laurent Tapie already has access to the Full Tilt database.

Groupe Bernard Tapie has only contacted players in Canada, and so there is still no news regarding the American players. Such marketing tactics lead people to believe many different things regarding Full Tilt Poker and Groupe Bernard Tapie who is now taking over this online poker site that was once on top of the game. Whether Full Tilt Poker will actually return player’s funds is still a mystery.

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