Full Tilt Poker is hit with yet another lawsuit and it would seem that everyone wants in on the action.

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So far the site has 3 class action lawsuit piled against it beginning with one filed by Full Tilt Poker players wanting their money back.

Three poker players, Robin Hougdahl, Nick Hammer and Tod Terry filed a class action lawsuit against Full Tilt Poker as the site was not paying their players. They claimed that they wanted the “return of U.S. player funds and…damages under the RICO statute” since the Full Tilt Poker site “refuses to refund the U.S. Players’ deposits, to reimburse U.S. players for the dollar-value of the contents of their Player Accounts, or to permit U.S players access to their Player Accounts.”

The suit also mentioned other poker players like Howard Lederer, Gus Hansen, Erick Lindgren, Phil Ivey, Chris Ferguson, John Juanda, Andy Bloch, Mike Matusow, Patrik Antonius, Jennifer Harman, Erik Seidel, Allen Cunningham and Phil Gordon.

The drama for the second poker class action lawsuit against the Full Tilt Poker site was issued by the Canadian players wherein over 500 people in Ontario signed against them.

The recent class action lawsuit has been issued in California by Lary Kennedy and Greg Omotoy, who had been members of the Full Tilt Poker site. The suit has been filed against the Full Tilt Poker founders and also against a good number of reputed US poker players who have promoted it and have been members of Team Full Tilt. The suit has filed against Ray Bitar – the alleged owner, Chris Ferguson, Howard Lederer and several other poker players like Phil Ivey and Gus Hansen and who had “helped promote the website and attract players.”

However, unlike the previous two lawsuits as filed by Robin Hougdahl, Nick Hammer and Tod Terry and the Canadian players, this lawsuit is asking for everything and s little bit more. These two players, Lary Kennedy and Greg Omotoy are asking for a ridiculously high $900 million in damages. It remains to be seen how they will justify demanding such a large sum from the Full Tilt Poker site an exactly what they hope to accomplish with it, considering that the Full Tilt Poker site does not even have the money to pay its players and is looking towards investor Bernard Tapie for help.

According to their claim, Lary Kennedy and Greg Omotoy want $900 million from Full Tilt Poker and the defendants because they believe that misappropriated funds from player accounts and fed it to the defendants.”

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