According to H2 Gambling Capital, subsequent to the shutdown of, PokerStars has got its advantage back. As table games came to an end at all of a sudden, the average number of players increased by 2607, which is a five time increase of traffic after the next highest record of 503 made by PartyGaming.

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Although, reports show that only 41% of the players have shifted to another big portal over the first 36 hours and the remaining 59% of the 13000 players on Full Tilt Poker during the time of the cessation did not sign up with any other site, according to a H2 Gambling. A source from the company also stated, “This is likely due to players being unable to withdraw balances from Tilt and some lack of confidence in playing online poker in the current climate.” However, PokerStars took 27% of the 41% of Tilt’s members, which showcases a predominant 66% of the players’ traffic.

As per a report in LA Times today, Full Tilt has reached a consensus with “a group of European investors” and the agreement “could allow US players to recover as much as US$150m.” That said, according to H2, “After even a few days offline it may be difficult for any meaningful confidence and liquidity to be restored on the site should it be launched.”

A similar incident happened after the Black Friday where the obvious increase in traffic on the sites which was unaffected by Wednesday’s cessation of Tilt was in the low and micro play segment. On the 30th of June, PokerStars’ average traffic in the low segment was up by 612, a 11.7% increase in the segment. At around the same time, PartyPoker saw a steady increase of 361 players which is 13.4% in low stakes games and by 123, which is 15.6% in micro.

At its pinnacle, the migration in play at low and micro level games from Tilt to competitors recorded between 30 to 40% of Tilt’s low and micro players’ before the shutdown. As for the medium stake players, PokerStars saw an average increase in traffic of 398 which is 24.8% after the shutdown, similar to iPoker, where the traffic rose by 39 and Party by 24. International Poker Network had the largest impact with an average increase of 42 players, which was a 16% rise.

As for the high stake games, including blind category, over US$15/$30 for fixed limit and US$5/US$10 for no limit, the maximum level of raise has been witnessed at PokerStars with an increase of average traffic by 18, followed by GTECH G2 and iPoker.

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